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ourhealthcarefuture.gifThe Healthcare Reform Center of the St. Joseph Health System, in partnership with Georgetown University and NETWORK: A Catholic Social Justice Lobby, has developed a process in which persons are encouraged to "dialogue" about what they want a health care system in the United States to look like.  Entitled Our Healthcare Future, it's a perfect resource to open the door for congregations that want to work on the health care issue, but feel they must first overcome their anxiety about dealing with something that might be "controversial."

Our Healthcare Future is based on the understanding that "Dialogue helps create the conditions for change.  It builds community, uncovers common ground and offers hope for the future."

This dialogue process encourages gatherings of 25-40 people to:

  • share their vision of an ideal health system.
  • name their priorities for that system.
  • evaluate our current system and two possible futures in light of those priorities.

Those who want to use this resource in their congregations or communities will receive step-by-step instructions, materials, media and support. 

Visit for more information about this field-tested process and materials to engage the general public in a dialogue about our health care future.

Faithful Reform in Health Care ~ P.O. Box 6174 ~ Wilson, NC 27894-6174 ~ 1-888-863-8910