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  Get Well Cards for Our Health Care  


An important part of the 2008 election was about electing the persons who will make the next round of decisions about health care reform in our country.  People of faith have a distinct role to play to ensure that those decisions reflect our vision of a health care future that includes everyone and works well for all of us.  We have the opportunity and the responsibility to raise our voices for a health care system that reflects the values of our faith communities -- a health care system that is inclusive, accessible affordable and accountable.  

Written communication with our elected leaders is just one of the ways in which we can participate in the democratic process.  To make that participation easier, postcard templates are available for download for the president-elect, members of Congress and state office holders. Each template includes a faith-inspired message and blank lines for personal comments.

Print your postcards today and distribute them to your networks! 

                (postcard must be put in a #10 envelope) 


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