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Film Guide

SICKO Viewers' Guide for People of Faith

Faithful Reform in Health Care has produced a VIEWERS' GUIDE to SICKO for people of faith who care about being a part of the solution in addressing the crisis in U.S. health care.  Given the moral tone of the movie, it offers a wonderful opportunity for reflection and dialogue about the moral case for health care reform.  This Guide was developed to help facilitate that process.

For those of us who are committed to making health care reform happen in the United States, Michael Moore’s new film SICKO is a must-see.  Through laughter and tears, we are drawn into the absurdities of the U.S. health care system.  But even more important, with its powerful stories about people who have suffered because they were denied needed health care, the film reminds us that as people of faith we have not yet been the change agents we are meant to be.


Photo & Poetry Exhibit

Exhibit:  A Matriot's Dream

A Matriot's Dream is an artistic response to the current health care crisis.  It consists of photographs, poems, narratives and statistics that portray in a very personal way what it means to go without needed health care in the U.S.  Developed by photographer Kira Carrillo Corser and poet Frances Payne Adler, the exhibit consists of 17 40" x 30" framed artworks.

24-minute video

New!  Collateral Damage: Bad Medicine in Tennessee

collateraldamage_photo.jpgCollateral Damage, produced by Talking Eyes Media, is an intense, moving film that exposes the injustice that occurred in Tennessee when 170,000 people were cut suddenly from the Medicaid rolls and its implications for Medicaid cuts nationwide.  Tennessee's religious community has been integral in educating the public about how the cuts have impacted people's lives.  The video and discussion guide make a perfect resource for adult study opportunities in congregations.


Photography Exhibition

Exhibition and Book:  Denied: The Crisis of America's Uninsured

tem_union_2.jpgDENIED: The Crisis of America’s Uninsured, produced by Talking Eyes Media, exhibits photographs with text that share powerful personal accounts about what it means to be without health insurance in America.  The book consists of photographs and 41 individual stories that represent the 41 million uninsured at the time of publication and reveal "the harrowing reality faced by people every day when access is denied and the disparity in healthcare rules their lives." 

Other arts and media resources

Please let us know about other Arts and Media Resources that should be included.  


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