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Use TALK RADIO to raise your voice!

RadioTowerIt's time for supporters of health care to take back the airwaves and to encourage compassionate public dialogue on this issue. Our opponents have used talk radio for years to promote their perspective.  To help change the conversation, Families USA, a non-partisan organization working for affordable and high quality health care for all, has launched a project to help advocates for reform elevate their voices on the air.

Their Field Director, Jeff Gordon, invites people of faith participate in this effort with these words:

I don't have to tell you that the health of our nation and our economy depend on meaningful health care reform. Far too many people are being left behind due to high costs and limited access to quality affordable health care. Reform simply has to be the top priority of our elected leaders.  Let’s take this message to the airwaves!

We’ve created an online resource that lists radio talk shows where you can make your voice heard on the need for health care reform. The resource includes call-in information for over 40 nationally syndicated and regional shows as well as numerous local shows in select states. Eventually we plan to expand our list of local talk shows to more states.  Click here to view the list.

So call in and make your voice heard. Talk about how you are facing rising costs in a sinking economy, too many of your friends and neighbors have inadequate coverage or no coverage at all, or have faced unfair denials due to pre-existing conditions, and so on. Urge listeners to get involved, speak up, and take action to make sure health care is a top priority for our elected leaders.
Talking Points using Faith-Inspired Messaging:
  • Identify yourself as a person of faith.
  • Use/adapt a statement in the Faith-Inspired Vision for Health Care on the home page of Faithful Reform in Health Care.
  • Use a few sentences from the resources of your own faith community. (See the "Theology and Policy" section of this website to find those resources.)
Call-In Tips:

[adapted from Call-In Tips provided by Families USA] 

  • Listen carefully, know your audience:  Before calling, listen to the show and know its slant.
  • Time and time again: Some shows are taped, which means they take calls at a different time than their air time.  Check the show's or the station's Web site for details.
  • The early bird catches the worm: The earlier you call, the higher your chances of getting on the line.
  • If at first you don't succeed, call again: There is no rule for the number of calles you can make.  Keep calling to ensure that you will get through.
  • Have a plan: Your moment will be brief−don't call in unprepared.
  • Keep it Simple:  Radio  hosts and radio listeners are not the most patient bunch.  Make sure you have an easy, short summary of the point you want to make. The more clear and concise you are, the better your chances of getting on the air.


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