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SICKO Viewers' Guide for People of Faith

Faithful Reform in Health Care has produced a VIEWERS' GUIDE to SICKO for people of faith who care about being a part of the solution in addressing the crisis in U.S. health care.  Given the moral tone of the movie, it offers a wonderful opportunity for reflection and dialogue about the moral case for health care reform.  This Guide was developed to help facilitate that process.

For those of us who are committed to making health care reform happen in the United States, Michael Moore’s new film SICKO is a must-see.  Through laughter and tears, we are drawn into the absurdities of the U.S. health care system.  But even more important, with its powerful stories about people who have suffered because they were denied needed health care, the film reminds us that as people of faith we have not yet been the change agents we are meant to be.

As our nation once again puts health care reform on its legislative agenda, voices of faith will be called upon to elevate the moral message in support of affordable health care for all. Viewing and talking about this film within our congregations will give us the opportunity to expand the circle of those willing to raise their voices in support of health care for all.  In addition, considering where our faith values connect with the stories of those who are suffering will give us opportunities to address this as a moral crisis which calls for our prophetic leadership.
Get a group together within your congregation or neighborhood.  View the film, talk about it, and commit to becoming part of the solution.  Voices of faith have been integral to successful social reform movements in the United States, and health care reform will be no exception.  Our work can begin with reflection and action today.  This guide is offered to help make that possible. 

The VIEWERS' GUIDE contains three major sections, plus tips for dialogue and statements from the faith community about health care reform.  It is designed to be a user-directed resource with no experts needed.
  • In the REFLECTION section, participants will be led to consider their reactions to the film and to reflect upon the moral imperative for making health care available to everyone.  It is NOT intended to stimulate discussion about or promote “the best plan.” 

  • The section which offers MORE INFORMATION is included to document and clarify some of the facts in the film.  This information does not provide a comprehensive overview of the issue, but points to additional resources for participants who want to dig deeper.  
  • The ACTION section addresses the film’s assertion that for health care reform to happen in this country, we all need to accept responsibility for getting more involved in our democracy.  Participants will be led to consider what that means for people of faith.

    Plan to get together with friends or others in your congregation or organization to reflect on the moral imperative for affordable health care for all in the U.

    If you use the Viewer's Guide, please let us know how you used it, how it was helpful,
    or about additional information that is needed to encourage dialogue and reflection.

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