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Interreligious Health Care Access Campaign

In the early 90's, over 30 faith groups joined together to launch the Interreligious Health Care Access Campaign. Advocating for the systemic reform of our nation's health care system, the campaign helped define the basic working principles for the health care reform debate.  Although the Interreligious Health Care Access Campaign no longer exists, many of the faith groups and their leadership continue work for health care for all based on the Working Principles adopted during that time.

Working Principles

  • serve everyone living in the United States.

  • provide for the whole population of the nation comprehensive benefits, including preventive services and health promotion, primary and acute care, and extended care.

  • draw financial support from the broadest possible resource base.

  • guarantee access to care everywhere in the nation.

  • set prospective budgets for payments to health care institutions from federal funds in a way that assures services for all parts of a region.

  • be sensitive to the needs of persons working in the various components of the health care system.

  • provide quality services and payment processes based on principles of equity and efficiency.

  • set a national budget for health education and wellness promotion.

  • promote effective and safe innovation and research in medical techniques, research on the delivery of health services, and research on health practices of individuals and families.

  • reduce the burden of malpractice litigation.

  • reduce significantly the current rapid inflation in the costs of providing medical services.

  • provide federal leadership in health promotion by assessing the health impacts of standard living issues, housing, nutrition, physical fitness, environmental safety, and sanitation.
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