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Mennonite Central Committee

Position on Health Care Reform

February 1994

Like the woman who touched Jesus’ cloak, millions of people in the U.S. have endured much at the hands our health care system, spent all they had, and have not received help. Finally, our representatives in Washington seem ready to respond to the system’s failings. Yet many of the reform proposals under consideration by Congress do not provide adequate health care for those most in need.

The Mennonite Central Committee U.S. has been advocating for a health care system that reflects Biblical values such as sacredness of life, community, wholeness, stewardship and justice. In our pursuit of these values we review legislation for its affect on the poorest and most marginalized people. For a health care reform bill to garner the support of the MCC Washington Office, it must remedy the most pressing failure of the current system – its inability to provide adequate health care for millions of Americans.

Our analysis of the various proposals is that the American Health Security Act (s.491/H.R.1200) – a publicly-financed, single payer health care system sponsored by Rep. McDermott (WA), Rep. Conyers (MI) and Sen. Wellstone (MN) – best promotes our values. It guarantees universal coverage regardless of income, work status and pre-existing conditions; it has the most comprehensive benefits; it is fairly financed; it maintains the current level of choice of provider; and it is projected to save $114 billion a year by 2003.

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