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NETWORK: A Catholic Social Justice Lobby

Health Care Reform a Work of Mercy and Justice

February 1994

        Within the Judeo-Christian tradition, care for the sick and dying has always been embraced as a concrete expression of God’s love and mercy. Today that tradition continues in the direct delivery of health care and also in the efforts for genuine reform of the health care system within the United States.

        NETWORK: A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby, believes that to be a fuller expression of God’s love, the mantle of health care needs to encompass the principle of justice which asserts that health care is a basic human right.

        It is the obligation of the government charged with fostering the common good to protect that right. In a democracy like ours, citizens, too, must be responsibly engaged in creating systems and structures that make health care coverage comprehensive and affordable for all in our society.

        While capable of offering the finest health care in the world, the U.S. health care system fails any criteria for justice. It serves well those who can pay for it, but leaves millions of our people without access to basic benefits and millions more in constant jeopardy of losing that which they presently have due to rising health care costs and the state of the economy.

        Co-responsibility for the common good demands that we use our energy at this moment of political opportunity to transform this sinful structure that ignores the basic human right of health care to tens of millions of our sisters and brothers, especially the poorest in our society. NETWORK believes that the responsible position is to be actively engaged in the construction of legislation that will give comprehensive, affordable coverage of basic health care as a matter of right to every person residing in the United States. We favor health care legislation that serves the common good by ensuring access of all persons residing in the United States to a comprehensive package of basic health care, irrespective of employment status, previous condition, age, mental health or disability.

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