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The Heart in Health Care Reformheart in hcr graphic

A project to help people of faith move beyond cable news interpretations of health care reform to intentional reflection and conversation based on the faith-inspired values that give meaning to the lives we share together.

Throughout the process to enact health care reform in the United States, the Faithful Reform in Health Care coalition consistently elevated a moral vision for our health care future. As we move through the implementation and regulatory process, we continue to measure progress against "A Faith-Inspired Vision of Health Care" (see below). Coalition members will elevate the compassionate realities of reform, and identify where injustice in health care continues to diminish the common good.

Resources will be developed and posted on this website, including analysis, talking points, PowerPoints, adult study outlines, and more. Check back regularly for new resources and updates!   

Current resources:

A Moral Vision for Our Health Care Future:

Reflections on "A Faith-Inspired Vision of Health Care" and Health Care Reform
Download 6-page PDF document    

PowerPoint Presentation:  "The Heart in Health Care Reform" (updated 10/20/10)
View PowerPoint (for presentations)   PDF of PowerPoint slides      PowerPoint Narration

Adult Study Packet:  Flexible 1-or-2 session resource to accompany "The Heart in Health Care Reform" PowerPoint
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NEW! Faith Values and Responsibility in Health Care Reform
Reflections to move the discussion about "mandates" to dialogue about "shared responsibility"

Process and Politics of Health Care Reform: Why is health care reform so difficult (from a moral perspective)?
View PowerPoint       PDF of PowerPoint slides

The Impact of Health Care Reform on Communities of Faith and Their Leaders
Download PDF  (updated April 21, 2010)

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