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Our Mission

Faithful Reform in Health Care will:

  • expand the depth and breadth of support for health care reform within the religious community
  • educate people of faith about the issue and
  • activate the prophetic voice to promote affordable health care for all in the United States as a moral value.

    To fulfill that mission, Faithful Reform in Health Care will:

  • Work to develop health care reform messages that are grounded in theological understandings and scriptural narratives, and
  • Cultivate an environment in which faith-based health care reform efforts work collaboratively in their communications, education and advocacy activities.
Our Work

Message development.

To facilitate message development, Faithful Reform in Health Care will convene representatives of various faith groups to:

  • Identify theological perspectives and scriptural narratives that inform health care reform dialogue and connect with values-based secular framing and messaging work.
  • Identify values common to all of the participating faith traditions and develop common messages for use by all the participants.
  • Assist individual faith groups to develop messages that embrace common themes while linking to their own values and traditions.


To facilitate collaboration, Faithful Reform in Health Care will convene representatives of various faith groups to:

  • Identify all the areas in which faith-based health care reform efforts are taking place.
  • Identify the ways in which collaboration already is taking place, and identify the areas where greater collaboration is needed.
  • Develop strategies for increased collaboration among all faith-based health care reform efforts.


  • To help provide resources for faith-based education and advocacy, Faithful Reform in Health Care will:
  • Maintain a website that contains or links to most faith-based health care reform resources.
  • Identify what resources are still needed and work in collaboration with partners to produce them, with a focus on new resources that
  • Produce templates of selected resources that can be adapted by faith communities and individuals for their own use (such as bulletin inserts, newsletter articles, action campaigns, letters to the editor, op-eds, etc.)
Faithful Reform in Health Care ~ P.O. Box 6174 ~ Wilson, NC 27894-6174 ~ 1-888-863-8910