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Questions and Answers

What is Faithful Reform in Health Care?  Faithful Reform in Health Care is a faith-based organization working fulltime with and for the faith community to help strengthen the moral and prophetic voice in support of affordable health care for all in the United States. It is a non-profit organization incorporated in Ohio.

What will it do?  Faithful Reform in Health Care will:  

  • Connect the current secular health care reform messaging and framing research to biblical narratives and theological perspectives.
  • Build the needed infrastructure among national, state and local organizations to strengthen the faith response to the new opportunities emerging for health care reform.
  • Produce and collect educational, devotional, communications and advocacy resources necessary to help people of faith work more effectively for reform.

Why start a new organization?  Conversations among some faith-based leaders and advocates have led to the understanding that a new faith-based entity free from the baggage and perspective of any existing organization – faith or secular – will provide the best foundation for gathering the most inclusive representation from the faith community. In addition, as the education and advocacy offices of most faith groups continue to experience staff and funding cuts, it will be difficult to depend solely upon these offices to oversee this work.

Aren’t there enough groups already working on this issue?  Faithful Reform in Health Care is not intended to add yet another piece to the already fragmented health care reform environment. Instead, it will serve as a common table where existing faith-based efforts may collaborate and work together more effectively – both with each other and with secular advocacy efforts.

Who is participating? Faithful Reform in Health Care is working with national, state and local faith groups to sustain its focus as a faith-based organization working with and for the faith community. In addition, it is working with secular groups to stay abreast of current data, policy discussions and political possibilities while remaining independent of the policy perspectives and political ideologies of those groups. Faithful Reform in Health Care also is working to help connect people of faith to the growing network of state and local faith and secular health care reform efforts.

How will it be funded?  Start-up funding is being provided by both faith and secular organizations and individuals while Faithful Reform in Health Care seeks new sources that recognize the importance of the moral and prophetic voice of in making social change happen. 

Faithful Reform in Health Care ~ P.O. Box 6174 ~ Wilson, NC 27894-6174 ~ 1-888-863-8910